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<= 7 <= 3,5t
> 7 <= 3,5t

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Get a motorway sticker quick and easy 2023!

To legally use hungarian toll roads, you have to have a valid motorway sticker. The variety of available stickers and categorization of the vehicles have changed on the 1st January 2015. According to the new regulations, the 1-day sticker is not available anymore, the 10-day, monthly and annual stickers are still available, and a new annual regional type of sticker has been introduced. This is ideal for those, who travel several times during the year, but use the same road sections every time. 

Which sticker is the most suitable for me?

You will find the best sticker for you if you consider your travelling habits and routes. Should you need help with choosing the most suitable sticker, read our tips or the frequently asked questions regarding the stickers. The motorway sticker can be purchased in the customer service offices of Nemzeti Útdíjfizetési Szolgáltató Zrt., at the designated point of sales, e.g.: gas station, via text message and off the internet too. The latter is the most comfortable and the easiest solution.

The advantages of online shopping

If you buy your motorway sticker on our website, after a successful payment and verification, you will receive an email containing the sticker ID. Keeping it in your car will verify that you are authorized to use the toll roads in Hungary.

Toll sections may only be used with a valid road use authorisation, i.e. you need to purchase the e-vignette before you enter the toll section. If you purchase the e-vignette within the validity period, its validity always starts at the time of purchase (day / hour / minute).

Bona fide road users mistakenly entering the toll road network have up to 60 minutes from the entry to purchase road use authorisation.

  • 10-day motorway sticker

The sticker is valid for 10 running days, the first day given by Customer and 9 more days, valid until the 24th hour of the 10th day.

  • Monthly motorway sticker

The sticker is valid from the first day given by Customer until the same day of next month until midnight. If this day is missing from the calendar in next month, the last day of the month is considered.

  • Annual motorway sticker

Valid from the very first day of the year until 31st of January next year until the 24th hour of the day. The sticker only allows Customer to use toll roads from the date of purchase, not retroactive.

  • Fused monthly stickers

Fused monthly stickers (buying 2, 3, 4, 5 or 6 monthly sticker at once) are providing the comfort of the annual sticker, by allowing customers several months of toll road usage. This solution is also cost-efficient, as it providing 4-6 more days of usage above the monthly usage, and the service fee is 50% of the mothly service fee. When buying fused sticker, pay attention to the license plate number, as modifying the number means extra costs. The modification fee is 1470 HUF/sticker/character.

Vehicle categories

The given vehicle is categorized by the maximum authorized mass of the vehicle and the tow registered in the vehicle registration certificate.  The prices of certain stickers for certain categories may differ.

  • D1 motorcycle category

Motorcyclists can buy 10 day usage of toll roads for 42% of the price of the D1 category.

  • D1 category

This category contains the motorcycle and automobiles with maximum authorized mass of 3,5 tons (tow included), that are suitable for the transportation of 7 people (driver included).

  • D2 category

This category contains automobiles not fitting in D1 category, that are suitable for the transportation of more than 7 people, and utility trucks and motor caravans with a maximum authorized mass of 3,5 tons.

  • B2 category

This category contains autobuses.

  • U category

This category contains the tow of the vehicles in category D2 and B2, the sticker has to be purchased by separately giving the license plate number of the tow.