Useful tips

What is the difference between the regional stickers and the traditional stickers?

The regional sticker allows drivers to use a given road-section in the given region all year. While the traditional stickers entitled the driver to use all toll roads for 10 day, a month or a year without any area based restrictions, the new regional stickers, on the contrary, give entitlement for a certain road section without time restriction. The annual stickers are not limited neither to a certain region, nor for a certain period, but the price is higher.

Which sticker is the best solution for me?

The new system of the motorway stickers are not always clear to all drivers: here, we would like to help you with making your decision. It is highly important that the traditional stickers are still valid with a very few exceptions. The regional sticker is only a possibility, it is not obligatory, so if the 10-day, the monthly or the annual sticker fit your needs better, choose those. These sticker are valid nation-wide, you don't have to buy a regional sticker in addition to these, as you are entitled to use a certain road section in a certain region with a nation-wide ticket too, not only with a regional ticket. The regional sticker, on the other hand, allows drivers to cut expenses of the motorway stickers. It best fits those drivers, who are using a certain road section on daily or weekly basis, and these roads have not been toll roads up until recently. Using the regional sticker allows these drivers to save money, also it is highly recommended for those drivers who commute  from the suburbs on daily basis.

How can I save money on stickers?

It is possible to save money on stickers, for that it is very important to plan your travels and routes. We present here the three best ways to save money.

  • Buying the 10-day sticker

Make sure, that you will only use the toll roads occasionally. In this case, the best solution is either the 10-day sticker, or the monthly sticker, as these are the least expensive ones. Whenever the cost of traditional stickers or regional sticker is higher than 30-35.000 HUF, it is highly recommended to choose the annual sticker, which provides a more comfortable way of travelling.

  • Buying the regional sticker

. If you know your annual routes and travellings, you will be able to list the regions you want to travel through, making it easier to sum up the cost of your annual travelling. If the amount is lower than the annual sticker, then it is highly recommended to choose the regional sticker. You can buy your regional stickers at once and you only have to do it annually, making the purchase more comfortable.

  • Buying the annual ticket

Whenever the cost of traditional stickers or regional sticker is higher than 30-35.000 HUF, it is highly recommended to choose the annual sticker. It is slightly more expensive (the difference is around 8000-10000 HUF), but it is worth the price. This way, all your travels are covered for a year, you don't have to change routes or cancel a travel because of the cost of the stickers. This comfort is worth the costs.

The new stickers

We have already presented the benefits of the new stickers, now we want to show you the disadvantages as well. The changes had negative effects on those drivers, who had a smaller vehicle than 3,5 tons, or a vehicle that was suitable for more than 7 people. These vehicles were listed under the D1 category before, but in the new system, the are under category D2. With the change of the categories, the cost of the stickers (except for the annual sticker) doubled. In their case, we almost always recommend the annual sticker . The other new category, category U (tow) does not concern many drivers.