Resending sticker confirmation

Resending valid e-stickers purchased exclusively on website. It is important that you enter the email address you used when you made your purchase.


It is not possible to resend confirmation of highway stickers purchased elsewhere. If our system does not match the licence plate you are looking for, please contact the customer service of National Toll Payment Services PLC. In person or by phone (+ 36-36-587-500). Any subsequent changes made elsewhere in the highway sticker (e.g., transfer, repurchase, license plate, or toll category correction) will not appear in the returned result.

Our company cannot take responsibility in cases where our system gives result for the license plate you are looking for and the operator incurs a surcharge due to the subsequent change. Accordingly, information obtained from a query initiated in our system during a surcharge and redress procedure is not considered credible and may not be used.