Terms and Conditions

General Agreement Conditions

Supplier's Information

Biorobotok Informatikai és Adatfeldolgozási Kft.
Head Office: 1221 Budapest, Tanító utca 24.
Tax code: 23766000-2-43
Company registration number: 01-09-977142

The Customer

Those, who use the service of Virtual Sticker, or purchase on the website, are automatically accepting the General Agreement Conditions and the Privacy Policy.

The service

The supplier provides the usage of the e-autopalyamatrica.hu website with all of its functions, services and features.

The aim of the General Agreement Conditions

The General Agreement Conditions of Virtual Sticker contains the general terms and conditions of the legal relationship between the Supplier and the Customer. Cases not included here are regulated by the hungarian laws and public regulations of legal force, also the Civil Code is normative without any sepcifications required.

Publishing the General Agreement Conditions of Virtual Sticker

The precondition of using the Virtual Sticker website is to accept the general Agreement Conditions of Virtual Sticker. An automatic acceptance of the Conditions is to purchase on the website of Virtual Sticker.

Obligations of Parties

The Supplier provides the ordered service at the moment of registration or purchase. The Customer is responsible for the validity of the email address given during the registration process, and for protecting it from unauthorized usage. It is the Customer's duty to report any unauthorized usage of their account.

Modifying, deleting an order

After verifying an order (Purchase), the order can not be deleted.

Payment Conditions

The Customer pays the countervalue of the service elentronically, with credit card, or by using transfer payment when finishing an order. Click here for more information

Giving an invoice

When ordering through the website, the system will only generate an invoice, if the Customer requests one by clicking on "Invoice" during the ordering process. If the Customer does not request an invoice during the ordering process, the invoice can not be generated later.

The invoice of the service is accessible in PDF. After purchase, an email is sent to the Customer, containing the invoice, that has to be printed by the Customer. The printed invoice is the equivalent of an original invoice (without seal or signature). The invoice is eligible for accounting and satisfies the requirements of the following edict: 47/2008 sz. PM.

The Customer accepts that printing the invoice is their duty, the Supplier does not ship the invoice.

During the ordering process, by accepting the conditions, the Customer accepts that they are authorized by the Supplier to print the invoice, and accepts the conditions of giving an invoice concerning the Customer.

The stickers are to be purchased after paying the following service fees.

D1 - weekly: 190 Ft, D1 - monthly: 190 Ft, D1 - annual: 1290 Ft, D1 - MOTOR: 190 Ft, D2 - weekly: 220 Ft, D2 - monthly: 330 Ft, D2 - annual: 1290 Ft, B2 -weekly: 340 Ft, B2 - monthly: 440 Ft, B2 - annual: 5990 Ft, U - 10-day: 190 Ft, U - monthly: 190 Ft, U - annual: 1290 Ft, D1 - regional: 190 Ft, D2 - regional: 330 Ft, B2 - regional: 440 Ft, U - regional: 190 Ft


Registration requires an email address and a password. The system verifies the given email address. After a successful login to the website, the Customer can see the previous orders - with the modifications - allowing the Customer to purchase the sticker with one click. Previous purchases are to be found under the "Previous Orders" menu.

Exclusion of resale

By accepting the conditions on the website, Customers are only allowed to purchase stickers for private usage. Customers are not allowed to perform any resale activity. If a resale activity is caught, the Supplier is authorized to exclude the Customer immediatelly.

Entitlement of road usage in case of sticker purchase

When buying a sticker, the completion of the purchase does not mean automatic entitlement to the usage of toll roads.  If, after a successful purchase, you did not receive the invoice via email, or it does not appear in your browser, please contact customer service. If you enter toll roads without valid invoice, the Supplier is not responsible for the possible penalties!

According to the laws of legal force, the Customer is obliged to buy the sticker before entering a toll road. Buying the sticker posteriorly does not mean retroactive entitlement to the usage of the toll road. Buying the sticker posteriorly will likely result in penalties.

About the distance contract and the disclaimer rights

The Supplier provides the service at the moment of purchase. This is the reason why the discalimer right does not apply to the Customer as per the following edict: 17/1999. (II. 5.).

Territorrial validity of service

The Virtual Sticker service is also available for domestic and foreign usage. We sell stickers valid for Hungary only.

Validity of the general Agreement Conditions of Virtual Sticker

The Supplier reserves the right to partially or completely modify the General Agreement Conditions whenever needed. The modifications are valid from the moment of publishing. The general Agreement Conditions are valid as long as Virtual Sticker provides the service.

Contract period and termination

The contract between the parties is open-ended. The Customer can terminate the contract by sending a deletion request to info@e-autopalyamatrica.hu from the email address registered on the website. The system will delete all information within 3 weekdays. In case of deletion, the registration of the Customer will be deleted, but order information, invoices and receipts will be kept. The Supplier is entitled to immediatelly terminate the contract in any case of illegal action on the Customer's end. Modifications of the conditions of the contract can be initiated by the Supplier. If only the Supplier initiates the modification, the Supplier is obliged to provide the new contract for the Customer via email or post 15 days before it is to come into legal force. If the Customer uses the website after the modifications have come into legal force, the Customer accepts the modified conditions automatically.